Jason & Joe Turpin

Jason & Joe Turpin

Turpin Landscaping & Pond Source, Coatesville, PA

Joe Turpin:

We attended the 2014 trip to Kanuwloe Ghana, Africa. During our trip we helped finish the excavation of the basin, installed pre filters under the downspouts, and helped install AquaBlox and liner. The finished product helped to change countless lives in Kanuwloe, and will continue to offer a happier and healthier life to all who live there for generations to come. After coming back from our trip, our entire family felt extremely grateful and blessed for everything we have. We made a promise to ourselves never to take the little things in life for granted again. We also promised to never knowingly use unnecessary amounts of water, because we realized how lucky we are to have access to as much uncontaminated water as we need. We learned that the efforts of few can save the lives of many.


Jason Turpin:

What an incredible opportunity to experience with my son and watch the positive affects it’s had on his life. It was really cool that he was able to do this trip and then use what he had learned and experienced for his Senior Project; he definitely went above and beyond on this one. I hope that I have the opportunity to do similar trips with my other two boys when they are older. Great organization and amazing people to work with!