In August of 2001, Aquascape, Inc. hit the jackpot, acquiring Colleen Heitzler to be the new Controller. It wasn’t long before Colleen’s knowledge and wealth of experience put her in the Corporate Finance Officer position, and most recently Chief Operating Officer. Her life is numbers, from accounting to finance, and she strives to help others understand the financial aspects of their businesses. An important characteristic of managing the day-to-day operations, Colleen values the relationships and camaraderie that exists between employees, customers, and suppliers at Aquascape, and believes that the company achieves a great balance of winning attitudes and confidence, along with humility and compassion. Colleen also enjoys relaxing at home next to her Pondless® Waterfall with a 25-foot stream, which was constructed during a 2004 Build-A-Pondless Waterfall Day training events.